Hi, my name is Elena and it’s a couple of years that I struggle to practice yoga.

I decided to open this blog to keep track of my yoga practice that I started officially January 18, 2017. I’m not just a wannabe yogi, that’s why this blog, at the end, will probably contain the perks and the lows of my life. Let’s start with the basics.

On June 23, 1992, I was born in Bergamo, Italy. I grew up in a tiny village 10 minutes away from Bergamo and 1 hour away from Milan. My childhood was a happy one: running in the fields surrounding my house, playing with friends, annoying my little brother. Average life. I’ve never really known what I wanted to be as an adult. When the time to chose a high school came I chose the one who I thought could have kept my future still open. I enrolled in Tourism high school where I’ve learned English, Spanish and French.

The high school period was fantastic. I had my ups and downs but I met three girls who, after 10 years and an ocean apart, are still my best friends. After graduation, pushed by my mom and by society, I decided to enroll at the University of my hometown studying Foreign Languages. For three years I kept studying English and Spanish. When I chose that university the thought was the same of five years before: “let’s find something that allows me to make a choice later”. In those three years, I understood that writing was something that I loved. I found a job as a sports journalist in a local newspaper. I combined two of my main passions: writing and soccer.

During the university, I’ve started to feel like Bergamo was becoming to tiny, that I needed to travel even more than what I did until that time. In 24 years I traveled a lot around Europe. I wanted something more. I don’t remember how but I’ve found the Cultural Care program. Cultural Care is a program that allows young people from 18 to 26 to work in the States as au pair for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 2 years. I spoke with my parents about it and we both agreed that it was something unique. I didn’t graduate because of an exam but I decided to move, no matter what. The exams, the professors, my hometown, my private life too were like hell to me. I just wanted to go away. On January 4, 2016, I was at the airport, crying and saying goodbye to the only life that I knew, for the unknown. I don’t know how that was possible but the unknown was more exciting than my life in that moment. When the airplane landed at the JFK airport in New York, from the window I saw the skyline kissed by the sunset. I almost cried. I felt free.

After a couple of days at the training school in New York, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin. My host family welcomed me as a member of their family since the first day. I created a bond with each one of them. I love my three host kids like they were my siblings. That’s why I decided to extend my second year with them. In Madison, I found a second home, a place that I can call home away from home. I always felt accepted, free and happy in this place. I found amazing people that know are my best friends. People from all over the world: South Africa, Germany, France, Thailand, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, and the USA, obviously.

 I want this year to be as good as the last one with one addition: YOGA, obviously.

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