New Year Resolutions: 2018 edition.

I’ve always liked even numbers. They always brought good vibes into my life. 2016 was the start of my American adventure. Unfortunately, 2018 will be the end of it. 5 more days in my second home before I’ll go back to my home country. In a past post, I wrote all my worries about leaving Madison behind. Today, 5 days away from my intercontinental flight, I’m in a different mood. Still worried, still nervous but not scared anymore. I’ve come to the conclusion that my years here in the States are done. I made the best out of them and I’m so grateful for everything I did, the good and the bad. Now, a new chapter is waiting for me in 2018 and I’m so excited to dive into it.

5 months ago I wasn’t enrolled in a yoga teacher training with Yoga Teachers College, I was in an apparently stable relationship with an American guy, I didn’t know what expect from my next chapter and I was still scared from the ghost of my past haunting me. Today, it’s 4 months that I’m enrolled in 200-hr YTT and I can’t wait to be in Barcelona in two weeks to spend an entire week fully immersed in yoga, I’m no longer in a relationship and, after all, I think this was the best choice so far even though my heart isn’t completely at peace. I kinda know what to expect from my next chapter but I came to the conclusion that I like to surprise myself, and, well, about the ghost of my past let them haunt me. I’m ok with it.

January 1st, 2018 I’m happy to share with you my resolutions for this year. Let’s see how many can I accomplish and how many I’m going to leave behind because I changed my mind once again.



This is definitely number one on my list. Yoga helped me a lot in this year. 2017 has been the year in which yoga and I met and I’m deeply grateful for it. In September, I signed up for a yoga teacher training online with YOGABODY and I felt it was the right choice since the first second. Gaining that certification will open up so many doors for me and will give me so many opportunities that I can’t wait to discover.


Photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

I don’t even think a lot of people know it but I’m writing a book. I wrote two drafts, now I’m writing the third and I hope the last one. This book has been with me for two years now, a lot has changed from the first draft and those pages talk a lot more deeply than they actually should about my personal journey. The creative writing class that I took in September helped me a lot, it gave me confidence about my capability and I shared a piece of my book with those amazing classmates and teacher that pushed me to write even more.


Photo by on Unsplash

I want to keep this resolution for the rest of my life. The past year has been amazing, I’ve no idea how many flights I took but I had the chance to travel once a month, sometimes twice and my soul feed deeply with those experiences. Every single trip that I’ve made has been perfect in its imperfection and I loved every single minute of them. Plus, this year traveling will allow me to meet up with amazing friends all over the world.


Photo by on Unsplash

As much as it sounds silly, it’s not always easy to accomplish. Sometimes we clog our heads with stupid thoughts that don’t allow us to think clearly and happily. So, my most important resolution for this year is to try to be happy with the things that I have, to try to be always smiley and positive in my attitude. Because as much as it will benefit me, it will benefit others too.


Photo by Jonathan Daniels on Unsplash

I didn’t even want to put this into my resolutions because it’s not something that I truly want to achieve. My ideas have changed a lot in the past years and I found out how, for what I want to do, a degree in Foreign Languages is not in my needs. But I’ll be an idiot if I truly gave up on this, one exam to the end, after all the sacrifices that I’ve made. I think the fact that I had frozen my degree for two years helped me a lot mentally. It helped me understand how there’s much more than that degree but that I want that degree so I will put a point to that part of my life and I’ll make my parents proud.

Five resolutions, not easy to achieve but those are the things that I truly wish for my 2018. I know I should have written this post days ago but I didn’t feel great mentally. Every time an old year comes to an end I find myself thinking deeply of my journey: things that I’ve done good, things that I’ve done wrong, things that I could have done way better but what I always realize at the end is that I don’t regret anything. Every single experience of this year, every single person that I’ve met (for the good or for the bad) has taught me something that I will always carry with me to my next chapter.



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