Wisconsin, an amazing surprise.

In almost one year and a half that I’ve been living in Wisconsin, I’ve never actually visited it. I know Madison because I live here and I love it. I’ve been to Devil’s Lake and Wisconsin Dells, that’s it. I know, a shame, so when I had the chance to sleep at a cottage in Sturgeon Bay for free I couldn’t refuse.

Sturgeon Bay is a 3-hour drive from Madison, no big deal now that I’ve got used to American distances. Before heading to the cottage Giusy and I decided to stop at a National Park, half an hour north: Whitefish Dunes State Park – Cave Point State Park.  This place definitely amazed us. The colour of the water could have been compared to the one in South Italy or Sardinia. Growing up in Italy you are used to living close to lakes in which you see the other side, this is not the case with Lake Michigan and for a moment I felt at home.

The next day, Giusy and I decided to go even more north, to the top of the Door County peninsula. We tried to convince others to come with us but they said people told them that it wasn’t worth so they decided to stay. I didn’t care about people telling me it wasn’t worth another hour drive and I’m happy I took that ferry and drove around Washington Island. We drove till the North Pier, we paid 13$ per person and 26$ per vehicle. The weather was pretty cold, the wind was chilly but the luckily, the sun started to shine around 10 am.

It took us around 3 hours to drive around the island, we took our time and we visited basically everything. We started driving up along the west coast and we stopped at the Schoolhouse Beach State Park, a beautiful beach made of smoothed stones.

Then we drove along the north coast and we stopped at the Lookout Tower to see the island from the highest point.

Our last stop was at a sand dunes beach on the south coast of the island. It was stunning, a peaceful place if you don’t consider the outstanding amount of mosquitos and bugs that were around the lake.

Before coming to the States, thinking of driving 5 hours in one day wouldn’t even be taken into consideration. Since I’m here I feel like I got used to the huge distances, I figured out how stupid I was back home because I’ve never visited cities close to my hometown just because they were two or three hours away.

I’m glad I didn’t listen to my friends and I’ve decided to visit Washington Island because I would have never seen which amazing pearls Wisconsin hides in the north. I didn’t know where this State was until two years ago but I fell in love with it suddenly. Its people, its landscapes, its summer and, till Christmas, its winter. Its fall and spring. I’m happy I moved to Wisconsin because here I found a home and the real Midwest.

If you have time to spent in the States and you don’t know where to go just go up north, between Illinois, Minnesota and Canada there’s this State that has become my second home and has a lot to offer and to give to you, cheese and beer first of all. But also, smiles and warmth even in the coldest winter.



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