What I’ve learned in 3 months of yoga

Three months ago I did my first yoga class. Three months ago I was a different person from the one I’m today. Probably, in three months from now, I’ll be a totally different person as well. I realized that a couple of days ago. I was showing my boyfriend some poses and suddenly I realized how I’ve changed in those three months of practicing:



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I know, it may sound silly but I’ve always thought my flexibility was forever gone. I’ve never been able to bend that much. It’s been years since my fingers touched my toes keeping my legs straight but last week I did it. I was struggling, a lot, but I did it and I was so happy that I’ve achieved that little step. It means that one of the reasons why I’ve started yoga is working. It means that I’m not going to be a piece of wood for the rest of my life. It means that my body is working, is stretching, is becoming more fit.



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At the beginning of my yoga classes, I was always looking all around, while doing a pose, trying to see if it was just me that was struggling to hold the pose. One day, I decided to do yoga at home. I rolled my mat, grabbed my strap and block, and started doing some poses that we learned in class. I realized that holding the pose wasn’t that difficult anymore. I was focused just on myself and standing just on one foot doing the tree pose was still a challenge, but less frustrating because I was focused on my body, on every single muscle contracted to reach the stability. The next day, I had a yoga class and while we did the tree pose I realized I wasn’t looking at my classmates.  I was just looking at one point on the ground and I kept my gaze there. I held the pose, not for all the time, but for most of it. I didn’t feel frustrated. I felt good because I stopped from comparing myself to others.



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They say that you need 21 days to built a habit. 90 days after the beginning of my yoga practice I can say that it’s pretty true. I’ve never been an athletic or active person. Even at the time in which I was practicing swim or volleyball I never felt the need or necessity to do physical activity. Now, I feel that need. I want to do it because I like what I’m seeing, I like my body changing, I like that my body is stronger now. When I don’t have class I just roll my mat in my basement and I do some practice, just because I want it. It is something strange for me, weird in a good way.

I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn in the next three months.






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