Four States, two days.

Las Vegas. The Sin City. Lights. Gambling. Music. Casino. People. A lot of people. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. Lots of movies, tv shows, and songs celebrate this weird city in the middle of the desert. I have to admit it, when I booked my flight to Las Vegas two weeks ago I didn’t know what to expect. You know, during the night you have fun in Vegas, but during the day? We had just two full days and we didn’t want to spend them in a hotel room or doing shopping in stores that can be found 20 minutes away from home. We looked up on Pinterest and we found out that around Las Vegas there are so many natural attractions that fit all of them in two days was kind of impossible. 

We took the flight from Milwaukee on Thursday night, 9:55 PM. We landed in Las Vegas around 12 AM and after stopping at the car rental to grab our car, we headed to our first hotel: Fiesta Henderson Hotel and Casino. It is in the south part of Las Vegas, away from the sparkling lights of the Strip. Next morning, at 6 AM, we woke up and we drove four hours and a half to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. While I was driving my eyes were wide open, trying to collect all the amazing views in front of me. The landscape was stunning, it changed a lot in the hours that we were driving. It was dry at first, then a lot of trees appeared and then we arrived at the Grand Canyon. We paid 30$ to enter the park with our car. We decided to head to the Mather Point and when the canyon appeared in front of us it took my breath away. It was stunning. One of the best things that I’ve ever seen. 




It was around 1 AM when we decided to move up north to the Desert View where we visited the Watch Tower. There we had lunch looking at the amazingness of the Grand Canyon in front of us.

We didn’t want to go back to Las Vegas yet. We knew there were other things just two hours and a half up north. So we decided to drive thru the Navajo Nation and reach Page, AZ. Our first plan was to visit the Antelope Canyon but it was too late so we stopped at the Horseshoe Bend. We parked the car and while the sun was starting to hide behind the clouds we reached the point. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was perfect. It’s truly difficult to explain how beautiful everything was. We stayed there till the sun went down.




After that, we decided to drive back to Las Vegas. After driving other four hours and a half thru Arizona, Utah, and Nevada we finally arrived at our other hotel, Super 8, behind the Strip. We were so tired when we arrived around 11 PM that we didn’t even think of going out. We took a shower and we fell asleep right away.

The next morning we woke up around 7 AM and, after a nice breakfast at the hotel, we drove two hours to the Death Valley, CA. The weather wasn’t nice as the day before and when we arrived at the Death Valley we couldn’t see thru Dante’s View because it was so cloudy and foggy. We decided to go to Zabriskie Point and then drive till Furnace Creek.


After that, because of the weather, we decided to drive back and head to the Valley of Fire just 40 minutes from Las Vegas. We decided to go there because in Las Vegas was raining while there, according to the weather app, it wasn’t. We were lucky. We arrived around 4.50 PM and the ranger told us that the park was going to close at sunset, around 5:15 PM. We drove like crazy. We wanted to see as much as possible and it was totally worth it. It was stunning. Much better than the Death Valley. It was spectacular. The colors were so bright it was unbelievable.


Finally, we headed to Las Vegas. We spend just a couple of hours there. We walk around the Strip and we saw the Bellagio’s Fountain performance. At 11:25 PM there was our flight back to Milwaukee.


In the end, I have to admit it: we didn’t experience the real Las Vegas. We slept there and we walked around a couple of hours. Do I regret it? Nah, not at all. There’s going to be another time in which I will go to Vegas just to have fun and get wasted. This time we decided that our adventure spirit wanted to be satisfied. We drove 13 hours, I don’t know how many miles. We drove day and night, with the rain and the sun. We were tired, at the end. If you ask me if I will do it again I’d say: ABSOLUTELY. After this vacation, I feel like my soul had been fed again. Everything I saw was worth my time. I checked out of my bucket list amazing places that before I had seen only in the movies. Travel is amazing, it makes you live again, it makes you grow, it makes you be a better person.

This wasn’t a post about yoga, I know. But traveling is an important part of my life. It makes me feel alive. That’s why I will try to put every significant travel in this blog, alongside with my yoga journey. Isn’t yoga this too? Find your true self. I feel like traveling is like yoga, it makes you find yourself. It makes you understand who you really are in an environment totally different from yours. It challenges you. It drives you crazy sometimes but, at the end, it makes you feel amazing, balanced and alive.



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  1. that’s amazing!!!!!!


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