Let’s begin


Hi, my name is Elena and it’s a couple of years that I struggle to practice yoga.

I know, it sounds like an Alcoholics Anonymous introduction but I feel a little bit of regret and shame in it. Since I moved to the States I decided that I wanted to make my life healthier. I lost weight in the first months that I moved here and then I started to practice yoga at home. I think I made it thru a couple of weeks, then I stopped. Why? Because I’m not a dedicated person. I tend to lose track easily of what I want to do. My mind wanders and my laziness wins. So, my 2017 resolution was to be more dedicated in general, most of all with yoga. My opportunity came when I was looking to enroll in some classes at the local college. I’m an au pair and our visa allows (and force us) to take 6 credits at the university to complete our year. When a “Beginners Yoga” class appeared on the page in front of me I almost jumped on my bed for the excitement. The description said:

“This course introduces the practice of yoga. It explores the philosophy that underlies yoga as a means of stress management, fitness, and conditioning. Designed for beginners, the course teaches gentle movements, yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditations that relax both the mind and the body”.

I had no doubt. I enrolled in that class the second after.

The class started January 18, 2017. Even if we didn’t roll down our mats and bend ourselves in weird poses since the first meetings I felt like I chose the right class. The teacher wanted us to know better each other so she asked us two questions that we had to answer in front of a person that we had never spoken with. The aim of the “game” was to make us comfortable in a space and in an environment that we didn’t know. One of the thing that stopped me to show up at a yoga class was that I didn’t know anything about yoga. I’m not that much flexible and I was afraid that I would have been judged by the other people. Talking and understanding the people in the class helped me to not feel embarrassed about myself.

It’s almost a month that I attend the yoga class twice a week for 50 minutes. I feel like something has changed in me. I feel like I’m more proactive. When I’m at home I stretch and even without my mat, I try to do some poses that we did in class. I opened this blog because I wanted a personal space to track my progress. I wanted to make yoga a habit since years and now that I found this beginner class I feel like I have no excuse to not be persistent with my practice. Let’s see if sharing my experience will commit me even more in the yoga practice.



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